Dive in the Mediterranean


    L'Amoco Cadiz Iroise Ouessant, France

    Supertanker from Liberia. Sunk march 16th, 1978.Length: 330m ! (about 1080 Ft.)It's actualy the bigest Werck you can dive in the world. (the Oriskany is 200 Ft. smaller)

    L'Anjou Landes coast, France

    This is a 1st world war wreck. The wreck does not have a large interest, but fauna is realy abundant (Congers eels, lobsters, etc.).

    L'Arche du Dramont Saint Raphael, France

    L'Arche du Lion de Mer Saint Raphael, France

    The small arch is located at 8m deep. Then goint to the east some boulders down to 18m deep. The begining of the dive offers some great yellow colors.South side is much more deeper, and there is a lot to see on the three beautifull walls.

    L'Ariane Toulon, France

    IMPORTANT: an authorization from the french navy is required as this wreck is sunk in the middle of a military area. Some local dive clubs have it during the summer period, only some weekends.-------------------------------------------------This french submarine L'Ariane(S-640) sunk two times: the…

    L'Arras Iroise Ouessant, France

    French war vessel (Aviso). Built in 1917, sunk in 1947. Length: 72m. Best is to dive 45 minutes before low or high tide.

    L'Arroyo Toulon, France

    The Arroyo was sunk August 18, 1953 by the GERS. Broken in two parts, she is 60m x 10m and is full of red gorgonians.

    L'AstrÈe Vermilion Coast, France

    The AstrÈe is a big french cargo, sunk 1st may, 1944 by an English submarine (Untiring).

    L'Eildon Iroise Ouessant, France

    Steam vessel built in Glasgow, 1904. Sunk in 1915. Length: 79m.

    L'Elektra Iroise Ouessant, France

    Small Greek cargo. Sunk march 18, 1963.Nice wheel to take in picture.

    L'Emile-Allard 1945 Iroise Ouessant, France

    L'Hanan Belle-ile, France

    The Hanan was a Dutch fishboat that was sunk july 28th, 1944. Size: 30m x 6m x 2.50mMarine life: Conger eels, poutings...

    L'ImpÈrial de terre Marseille, France

    L'ImpÈrial du large Marseille, France

    This is one of the most beautifull dive of Marseille. The wall is incredible, full of gorgonians.

    L'ImpÈrial du milieu Marseille, France

    L'Okawongo Iroise Ouessant, France

    German steam vessel. Sunk may 28th, 1913.

    L'Óle d'Ouessant Iroise Ouessant, France

    Small wooden ferry boat, lying on a sandy floor.

    La Balise des Magnons Bandol, France

    La Basse Reinette Bandol, France


    La calanque du Pouar Marseille, France

    Two dives in the creak:- South East side (0 - 15m)- North West side (6 - 35m)

    La calanques des… Marseille, France

    La Cale Saint Brieuc, France

    La cassidaigne Cassis, France

    The Cassidaigne is very exposed to the Mistral wind. Dive here only with low wind!

    La CathÈdrale Marseille, France

    La digue de Socoa Basque Coast, France

    La DrÙme Marseille, France

    The DrÙme was a vessel carying many kind of things. It sunk on a mine, january 23, 1918. It is broken into two parts.Vessel size:- Length: 69m- Width: 10m

    La Fourmigue Nord Cannes Antibes, France

    La Grosse Minouche Cannes Antibes, France

    La grotte arc en ciel Marseille, France

    Very nice dive, for all level divers.

    La grotte MystÈrieuse Marseille, France

    Very nice cave.

    La grotte ‡ Perez Marseille, France

    Very nice dive. The cave is just below the platform.Recommended to dive twice (cave + wall) this area.

    La Merveilleuse Bandol, France

    Large groupers, gorgonians...

    La Meuse Douarnenez, France

    Two other wrecks near by: La Perle and Le Castel-Meur.Warship vessel type: French Aviso. Sunk probably october 1954 (training target for Jean Bart vesel).Size:- Length: 78m- Width: ~10m

    La Mona Bandol, France

    The Mona was a tug build in 1949. She was intentionally sunk in 1987. The wheel is very famous. Photographers will not miss it!Length: 15mWidth: 5m

    La Moulade Vermilion Coast, France

    La pierre de BrianÁon Marseille, France

    La pierre de Cassis Marseille, France

    Great dive

    La pierre qui tramolle Marseille, France

    La pierre ‡ Joseph Marseille, France

    La pierre ‡ Maya Marseille, France

    Very nice dive. The shoal named Maya's rock is made of two parts, with wonderfull gorgonians. The wall is also great.Large groupers, and sometime moon-fishes... Don't miss it!