Dive in the Mediterranean

    LST 282 Saint Raphael, France

    The LST 282 (Landing Ship Tank) was sunk August 15th 1944 by a German fighter. It stays in shallow water so take care of the swell!

    M4600 Saint Malo, France

    Dive site is forbidden since 24/10/88

    Madonna Valletta, Malta


    Makris reef Makris reef, Greece

    This the middle of the three reefs of Makronisos island. Its position and the almost permanent current result in excellent visibility and a big variety of underwater life. Minimum depth is 4 meters while the edge of the reef goes down to 24 meters.

    Makronisos south reef Makronisos south reef, Greece

    This is the third reef of Makronisos Island. The reef comes up almost to the surface and it?s characterized by the northern current that?s almost always present. Excellent visibility, big variety of underwater life offers us a drift dive that you will remember for long time.

    MaÔre's coral cave Marseille, France

    Don't miss this dive. A must.

    Marathia Zante Island, Greece

    Cavern Paradise!!! A sheltered bay, with 6 caverns, one after the other! Eventually, inhabited by a monk-seal! In most of these Caverns, divers can ascent to the surface, and 2 of them, include a small lake, inside the mountain! Many Sulfur springs in the area, remind their presence, through the…

    Marathonissi Zante Island, Greece

    The closest dive site. A very nice dive site for all levels of divers. Starts in a shallow and protected bay, and ends far out, round a big rock, over the surface.Lots of fishes, but in small sizes. They call it also "XL-Aquarium". A very easy, long and shallow dive, usually as the second dive of…

    Marfa Marfa, Malta

    Marianna Naxos, Greece

    On 24th July 1981 the cargo ship Marianna with capacity 2.999 freight tons filled with barley, iron sheets, water pipes ? irrigation and fertilizers collided with a reef, now known as Amara, filled with water and sank. The 24 people whom comprised the crew evacuated safely. The ship had been…

    Mellieha bay Valletta, Malta

    MÈrouville Corsica, France

    Big schools of barracudas !!! Groupers which are very tame and come really close.

    Mgarr-ix-Xini Gozo, Malta

    Milokopi Milokopi, Greece


    Mitilini wreck Halkidiki, Greece

    The HistoryJust ten minutes by boat from the cost shipwreck "Mitilini" is located. Under the German flag cargo ship has sunk in autumn 1961 2 miles northeast of the coast of Sani and northwest of the rift "Kipsa" at the distance of 600 m of the shore.It sank by a breakedge due to a crash in the…

    Monrosa Wreck Monrosa Wreck, Greece

    It is a cargo ship wreck from second world war.The wreck is at excellent condition.

    Morena Cave Morena Cave, Greece

    Moulas Naxos, Greece

    The ship was about 30m in length while the width was approximately 7m. It had an iron frame and timber paneling and was brass plated. That which remains until today is a significant amount of the iron skeleton and there also exists a few of the wooden panels that had been destroyed by Teredinidae…

    Nantua - Plage de Port Nantua - Plage de Port, France

    Some fishes in the first meters, then a barge right to the entrance wall at 27 m. There is also an old motobike at 20 m. Viz is poor, cos of the muddy floor.

    Nea Kameni Santorini, Greece

    Dive on a very new volcanic island (it last erupted in 1956) in the center of an old exploded volcano, who's caldera is open the sea.There isn't a lot of life, but the water is clear, and there are some quite interesting lava formations here. The bottom in the crater drops away to hundreds of…

    Nestos Wreck Nestos Wreck, Greece

    Nestos destroyer was a ship of the Greek navy that was hit on WW2 by German air plane in Patra's harbour. A tug boat transfer it to this place named Psathopyrgos.

    Nissaki - The Wall Corfou Island, Greece


    Nissaki hotel Corfou Island, Greece

    Novi Wreck Marseille, France

    A small sailboat sunk near Marseille harbour. Nice afternoon dive for Nitrox divers.

    Octopus Reef Zante Island, Greece

    Ideal for both beginners and experienced divers! The nesting area of the Octopuses! Starts from a sheltered bay, and ends over a Drop-Off, that goes down to -50m! Until the middle of July, many lobsters cab be seen at -30m, or deeper.

    Oeil de la Doue Oeil de la Doue, France

    See PlongeeSout for details

    Ouest Four Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    Viz was 10m+ which is excellent for the area.

    Ours des Sabias Yeu, France

    A large small wall running south to north between the two rocks. A sandy area on the southwest side.The north rock is better than the south one, including more marine life.

    Ours des Vieilles Yeu, France

    Two large rocks. Bottom made of boulders full of corynactis anemons.

    P 38 Lightning La Ciotat, France

    This plane is all broken. There are only part of wings. This is the same kind of plane than Saint Exupery's.These parts should have been moved by trawler...

    P-47 Thunderbolt Corsica, France

    A wonderfull Wreck very.The engine is missing and the machin guns are missing.The name of the pilot is still unknow.Great

    Palaiokastritsa Beach Corfou Island, Greece


    Panagopoula Achaia Panagopoula Achaia, Greece

    Paris SS Wreck Dunkerque, France

    British passenger ship (1770 tons) built in 1913. 92m long. Lost after an air raid 03/06/1940.

    Pisina Pisina, Greece

    Amazing crystal waters and underwater scenery

    Piste de ski Hyeres, France

    Plage des Meuniers Bourget lake, France

    The interest of this site is to dive the crack (from 30m to 60m). There is very few interests of diving before 30m deep.

    Platanitsi Halkidiki, Greece

    nothing in particular. easy rocky slope, no great biological diversity, but great visability.

    Plateforme CIP Bendor Bandol, France

    main dive site of CIP Bendor for dive training

    Plimmiri - wreck Rhodes Island, Greece

    Big and nice wreck in depth -14m.