Dive in the Mediterranean

    Le sec ‡ Miguel Basque Coast, France

    Le Taboga Iroise Ouessant, France

    Panamean steam vessel of 80m long. Sunk in 1955.

    Le Togo Cavalaire Sainte Maxime, France

    One of the most beautiful wrecks of the French rivivera. This cargo ship (76m long) sunk on a mine during WWI (12 May 1918), its front part lies upright at a depth of 45-55m. It is a difficult but rewarding dive (max. 15 minutes bottom time if you dive with air, and approx. 20 min for…

    Le tombant de Niolon Blue Coast, France

    N:43?41'06.6"E: 07?18'01.8"WGS84Refer to map SHOM no 7200 S.1. TRIMIX divers: This is one of the deepest dives from Nice, one especially recommended for experienced Trimix divers, as this wall really starts at 50m until approximately 110m!!! PLAN YOUR DIVE !!2. AIR divers: will prefer the so-called…

    Le tunnel et les failles Marseille, France

    Great dive. Tunnel entrence is 9m deep.Take care of the swell...

    Le Vengeur Cannes Antibes, France

    Nice drop off with lobsters.

    Le vieux port Basque Coast, France

    This site is situated near the beach so it's very shallow and easy for beginners. It's also interesting because you can dive there regardless of tide.You can find there all the fixed fauna of Basque Coast, cuttlefishes.One seahorse use to live there but I'm not sure he's still livingvery interesting…

    Le Ville de Grasse Hyeres, France

    Vapor boat with interesting paddle wheels, the only interesting part of the wreck...

    Le Ville de Rochefort Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Ville de Rochefort was sunk in 1933, hit by a british vessel. This cargo is 90m long. Two large anchors at the bow, a spare wheel on the front deck.

    Legrena Legrena, Greece

    Les aiguilles Corsica, France

    The top of the shoal is only 6m, so you can see it from the surface. Les aiguilles is a set of three main shoals, linking together as a Cathedral. Abundant sea life, and great walls full of gorgonians.

    Les Basses MouliniËre Bandol, France

    Barracudas, groupers

    Les blockhaus Arcachon bay, France

    Most dived are 3 big blockhaus from World War 2 named the net, the conger and the passage (distance from one to another is between 30 to 50m). They slept from the beach into the chennal.Take care if you enter into some of them ! There are som big conger eels and some time european lobsters.

    Les deux digues Arcachon bay, France

    This is a quiet place to dive. The two dams limit the curent and you can observe at high tide fishes entering into the bay.Maximum depth was previously 14m. Channel sweep operation has put a lot of sand in the area, so now, there are only few meters depth at low tide... We need to wait the bay to…

    Les esclaves (Tombant sud) Basque Coast, France

    This is a classic dive. The shoal is so large that you can make 10 different dives at Les esclaves.

    Les farillons Marseille, France

    This is a great dive. Beautifull archs and wonderfull walls full of gorgonians. Usually fish shoals around arches.

    Les Fromages Marseille, France


    Les gorets Morbihan gulf, France

    Thi is the most famous dive site of the Gulf. Best is to dive at high tide. There are a lot of life and a great wall with orange gorgonians.

    Les jardins de Sausset Blue Coast, France

    Les MËdes Hyeres, France

    It's a common dive spot for beginers and photographers. A common dive spot when the mistral wind blows (from the West).

    Les Moines Cannes Antibes, France

    Les moyades Marseille, France

    Very nic wall on the south part of the shoal.

    Les moyadons Marseille, France

    Take care of the curent. My be strong, even with a calm sea.

    Les PÈniches d'AnthÈor Saint Raphael, France

    Two former French river barge, cast in 1945 by a sinking ally.A classic dive in the region, these barges, the John Suzon and Saint Antoine, cast by a French submarine, replete Conference and morays.Apart from the purely historical interest, we can observe the huge schools of sars and the more…

    Les pierres tombÈes Marseille, France

    Les portes de bassin Le Croisic, France

    Les Rosiers La Ciotat, France

    Les tignes Vermilion Coast, France

    Les Tignes is a famous Banyuls dive. Usually, large shoals are seen in the area. Large groupers are mostly between the rocks and the coast.

    Les yeux de chat Blue Coast, France

    Very nice shoal, including gorgonians, lobsters and reef fishes.

    Ligaria Beach Leguria Beach, Greece


    Light House Leucade Island, Greece

    Amazing wall dive with ggreat marin life. Every time you dive in this place yoy will discover diffrent marine life

    Lighthouse Ireo Lighthouse Ireo, Greece

    Lighthouse Point Valletta, Malta


    Limenarchis reef Limenarchis reef, Greece

    Lion de Terre Saint Raphael, France

    2 big rocks at 36m deep with a lot of lobsters, and beautifull gorgons.

    Little Bay Zante Island, Greece

    Almost a cavern dive - The ideal place for beginners, or those who want to relax! Nice u/w rock formations, gather many small fishes, which find it as the perfect place to hide from their predators. It even hides 2 small caves, ideal also for snorkellers! (source: diversparadise.gr)

    Little Big Rock Zante Island, Greece

    A "tropical" looking bay, with fantastic visibility, which is always min.18-20m. Sandy white bottom with nice u/w rock formations, make it ideal for U/W Photography.

    Lockheed P38 La Ciotat, France

    The double-tail plane wreck is upside down, laying on a sandy floor. Thr right engine is still under the wing, the left one is broken.