Dive in the Mediterranean

    Cave of seal Rhodes Island, Greece

    One truly beautiful and unique cave beginning from the surface and ending at 20 meters.

    Cazaux buoy n?16 Cazaux Biscarosse, France

    Cazaux buoy n?19 Cazaux Biscarosse, France

    Training dive site.Note that there is a twin-engine plane wreck 150m north from the buoy.

    Cazaux buoy n?20 Cazaux Biscarosse, France

    Training dive siteThe Flamment wreck is located 55m east from the buoy.

    CerbËre " L'Èpave" Vermilion Coast, France

    CerbËre "Le port" Vermilion Coast, France

    CerbËre "MÙle" Vermilion Coast, France

    Chatillon Bourget lake, France

    Deep dive with a great wall (drop-off and a cave near 40m). Life is good near the surface for deco.Just take care of the boat traffic, the Chatillon harbour is just nearby.

    CimetiËre de Port-Vendres Vermilion Coast, France

    Start the dive starts from the creek, to the SE along the coast between 10m and 25m.There are many rocks, with white gorgonians. Also look for sea slugs...

    Cirkewwa Valletta, Malta


    Comino Caves Comino, Malta

    Coral Cave Gozo, Malta

    Corallbeach Corallbeach, Greece

    It's not one of the really good dives but ok.I think for profis it's boring.It is a very easy dive, with 2 car wrecks, reef, octopus.It starts from the beach, directly next to the diving centre Creata's Happy Divers (a ok diving centre).You dive in max. 3m over a rock field (good for snorkelling) to…

    Crocodile Rock Gozo, Malta

    Dalles de Bagaud Hyeres, France

    Deep Blue Deep Blue, Greece

    Dentex pass Dentex pass, Greece


    Devil hole Limankia Boyligmenhs, Greece


    Diakopto Diakopto, Greece

    Diamant Noir Cavalaire Sainte Maxime, France

    A Curiosity: It's an Off shore wreck.you can still find the Motor at the rear of the wreck and the Hull is used by many interresting fishs as refuge.The Wreck creator is Jacky Vigneron

    Digue d'Artha Basque Coast, France

    Double Arch Gozo, Malta

    Dragonara cave Valletta, Malta

    Shallow cave system with a tunnel at approx 6m deep. Lot of red corals here. There is a 30m wide lake with great water colour.

    El Houalerez Morbihan gulf, France

    Er Houalerez is a nice shoal. The top is just above the surface, and the max depth around 20-23 m deep (depending on the tide). There is a nice canyon starting at 12 m deep going down to 20 m deep.A multi-level and very colourfull dive with algae forest, octopus, etc.

    Elephant Reef Zante Island, Greece

    The deepest dive-spot on the island (so far!). Just because it goes deep, it doesn't mean that you have to go deep, if you don't want to! If you follow the wall, there is always big fish in group formations at 25-30m, and at the end of the dive, you can swim through some fantastic tunnels at 16-22m.

    Elisabethville Wreck Belle-ile, France

    The Elisabethville was built in 1910 at Glasgow, by Stephens & Son Ltd. She was a 127m long and 16m widesteamer boat.This Belgium vessel sunk septembre 6th, 1917 at 15h. She was torpedoed by the German U-Boat UC71.This is a very deep wreck for deep dive experienced divers (trimix).

    Elounda Village Corner Elounda Village Corner, Greece

    Emergence de Port-Miou Cassis, France

    Except if you stay outside, this is a cave dive for certified divers only!Deepest expeditions (Approx 1.500m long):-147m, reached by M. Douchet in 1993-172m, reached by J. Meynie in 2005

    Escampobariou Hyeres, France

    Nice little cave and wall. No way to dive there if strong east wind.

    EspÈron des salins Hyeres, France

    Etang de Thau - Le ponton Languedoc, France

    An extraordinary marine life; including sea horses, sea slugs etc.

    Faliraki Rhodes Island, Greece

    Many caves at the bottom.

    Fessej Rock Gozo, Malta

    Ficoa en cala Basque Coast, France

    This is a smaller shoal than Aroca.

    Font del truffe Font del truffe, France

    Font el Truffe is on of my favourite cave dive. Once the very small entrace passed, the river goes thru a narrow and tortuous way. Coulours are very nice.More information on Plongeesout.com:http://www.plongeesout.com/sites/roussilon-pyrenees/lot/font%20du%20truffe.htm

    Fosse de Conflans Fosse de Conflans, France

    Fosse de Villeneuve Fosse de Villeneuve, France

    FouillÈ Nord Cannes Antibes, France

    Very nice wall. Encounter with barracudas and groupers as well as morrays.

    Fremur Saint Malo, France

    GabiniËre - East wall Hyeres, France

    This is a great wall full of gorgonians. You will probably see barracuda shoals, and a lot of huge groupers.