Dive in the Mediterranean

    Pointe de la croix Hyeres, France

    This dive site is similar to the near dive site named Pointe de Montr?mian, a long line of rocks, only few meters high, with lot of sea grass around.Dive site is exposed to east wind, and some time, current can be strong. A buoy has been placed for boat by the National Park.Interesting species are…

    Pointe de la galËre Hyeres, France

    This is a great place to dive. Bottom of both sides of the rock are different. East side bottom is sand, and west side bottom is covered by sea grass.It's a good idea to get a torch because there are lot of fishes and tiny crustaceans inside the rock.

    Pointe de MontrÈmian Hyeres, France

    Pointe du vaisseau Hyeres, France

    This is a similar dive to the East wall of the GabiniËre, but less current. Boat can be moored to the National Park buoy.Species: Groupers, morrays, scorpionfishes, etc.

    Ponton Bigue Yeu, France

    The Ponton Bigue was a catamaran made for transatlantic cable repair. Vessel size is 38 m x 18 m.

    Port au Roc Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    This is not the greatest dive in Brittany. Yet, is it a very easy one that can be done at naytime of the year as the area is well protected (very rare around here !). This a macro photography dive site. Do not expect to see anything bigger than your hand.

    Port Du Niel Hyeres, France

    Port-Maguide Cazaux Biscarosse, France

    Porto Koufo Wall Halkidiki, Greece


    Portugal wreck Portugal wreck, Greece

    The M/V Portugal hit the southwest side of the reef.As a result of this collision the ship broke in to two pieces. The biggest of them sunk on the reef. Today one of those pieces of Portugal is lying in a depth of 26 to 40 meters offering another exciting diving spot in the reef.

    Pou Meyssen Pou Meyssen, France

    Description available at PlongeeSout

    Pte de la Revellata Corsica, France

    Red Rock Pantieronisi, Greece


    Reqqa Gozo, Malta

    RÈsurgence de Font Estramar Languedoc, France

    Riou's coral cave Marseille, France

    Very nice cave (entrence at 35m deep).Wall down to 45m deep.

    Ro21 Saint Malo, France


    Rosa Vlasi wreck Rosa Vlasi wreck, Greece

    Rosa Vlasi, a cargo steamship, sunk southwest of Makronisos Island during a storm. It is located intact in a depth of 51 meters lying on its port side. This is a staged decompression dive for very experienced divers.

    Rozi Wreck Valletta, Malta

    The Rozi is a 40 meter harbor tug. She was sunk intentionally in 1991 for an underwater safari tour.

    Rozi Wreck Valletta, Malta

    The Rozi is a 40 meter harbor tug. She was sunk intentionally in 1991 for an underwater safari tour.

    Rozi Wreck Valletta, Malta

    The Rozi is a 40 meter harbor tug. She was sunk intentionally in 1991 for an underwater safari tour.

    Saint FÈrÈol Cannes Antibes, France

    Saint Georges Saint Georges, Greece

    Saint Sauveur Saint Sauveur, France

    You need to tell the SDIS that you dive here. Some access restricted. More info at PlongeeSout

    Saint Yves Arcachon bay, France

    Saint Yves is the main dive site for all diving clubs of Bordeaux. This is a great place for dive training and orientation. You can reach several wrecks, the easyest is named 'Cote bleu'.With a dive site map, and a good orientation sense, you can try to reach other wrecks... The Marie Noelle (N),…

    Sauerland La Rochelle, France

    The Sauerland wreck is a classic dive of the area. For those who knows what this means, the Sauerland is a German sperrbrecher boat of 7085 Tons.

    Scandola Corsica, France


    Scorpidi Leucade Island, Greece

    Seaplane wreck Seaplane wreck, Greece

    Sec de Merlo Nice, France

    Very nice dive in the deep blue.

    Sec du gendarme Hyeres, France

    Sec du Langoustier Hyeres, France

    Boulders and wall.

    Sec du sarragnier Hyeres, France

    Beautiful wall of gorgonians and small caves with morays.

    Semaphore Drop-Off Saint Raphael, France

    Vrey nice wall. take car of boats when surfacing!

    Senino Corsica, France

    Serifos Serifos, Greece


    Skeldon Saint Malo, France

    Diving is forbidden since 16/09/96

    Skeloudi Island Corfou Island, Greece


    Solines Drepano Achaias Solines Drepano Achaias, Greece

    Sparti Leucade Island, Greece