Dive in the Mediterranean

    Le Frigolin Gironde coast, France

    60m long auxiliary Kringsmarine fishboat based at Saint Jean de Luz. It was sunk in 1943.This is one of the accessible wrecks of the area, many others are deeper than 80-100m, so really hard to dive in !The drag is 61m deep, main of the dive is around 55-58m. Most of time, you dive the rear of the…

    Le Grand Tombant Corsica, France

    Very nice wall, It 's a kind of hill which ends with a Wall (At the top 17m At the end about 40m)Their is interesting big fischs in the deep butVery nice wall, It?s a kind of hill which ends with a Wall (At the top 17m At the end about 40m)Their is interesting big fiches in the deep but already the…

    Le Grec Hyeres, France

    This Panamean cargo is 53 m long. Built in 1912, the Sagona sunk december 3, 1945. One year and half after the world war 2 mines in this area were still dangerous.The wreck is in two parts. The better place is the poop.

    Le Haricot Saint Raphael, France

    A large flat rock, deep enough to feel good without much penalizing in decompression.This dive, rare and relatively deep, offers a large area on the magnificent spectacle of the great fans draped in red anthias.With a lot of faults, it is also home to many lobsters, raised between soil and rock.A…

    Le Jardin Saint Raphael, France

    This site will not let you indifferent as it is full of life. This immense plateau fulled with gorgonians drop on its south side from 55m to 75m, followed by a second break of up to 250m.This means that only the upper part of this dive will welcome you to submit large lobsters and shrimp benches…

    Le Jean-Pierre Arcachon bay, France

    The Jean-Pierre wreck is an old trawler, sunk in 1969. It is linked by a chain to two other wrecks, the RenÈ-HervÈ and the Perle.

    Le Junker 88 Marseille, France

    German bomber wreck. Very nice cos not broken.Size: 14x20mNote: There is another Junker 88 in Marseille, 15m deep.

    Le Ker Bihan Marseille, France

    Ker-Bihan is not as nice as the two other wrecks in the area: The Dr?me and the Miquelon.It was an old fish boat, transformed into minehunter. It sunk on a mine january 23, 1918, only few days after the Dr?me.Vessel size:- Length: 35- Width: 10m

    Le Keradog Iroise Ouessant, France

    The wreck is scaterled on a rocky slope, upside down.

    Le Kleber Iroise Ouessant, France

    Le Lagoubran Marseille, France

    Deep wreck, take care to the nets !The Lagoubran was sunk by a mine, march 6, 1919. It is a 28m paddle wheels vessel.

    Le LatÈcotËre 298 Marseille, France

    The LatÈcotËre 298 is a seaplane, only 5 or 6m long, completely broken. Only the two wings (15m long) are fine. Sunk probably in 1941 or 1942.

    Le Liban Marseille, France

    The Liban was a steamer from the Fraissinet company. It sunk june 7, 1903 (hooked on by the Insulaire boat). 90 people died.The liban is broken into many parts, covering a large area of 100m by 20m.Vessel size- Length: 91m- Width: 9mAfter visiting the wreck, go east to the archs for safety stops.

    Le Lion Sur Mer Saint Raphael, France

    Le Louis David Iroise Ouessant, France

    Belgium steam vessel. Sunk august 3rd, 1879.The wreck is very broken, only the engine looks something. Take care of the current. Dive at low tide (45min to 1h before).

    Le Marcel Hyeres, France

    Flat broken wreck, only congers are interesting...

    Le Messerschmitt 109 Marseille, France

    The Messerschmitt 109 sunk in 1944. This plane wreck is upside down, laying on a sandy floor at 45m deep.Plane sizes:- Long: 9 m- Width: 10 m

    Le Michel C Hyeres, France

    This wreck is only 100m far from the Ville de Grasse. This is a small broken wreck (39m long). Only one dive is enough to see the whole wreck. Best part is the prow, 39m deep. Poop is all broken, only engines are still recognizible.

    Le Mimbeau Arcachon bay, France

    There are a lot of fishes and tiny species to see here. The main problem is the current. If you miss the tide, you will probably enjoy the drift dive... except if you have to go back to the boat !

    Le Miquelon Marseille, France

    The Miquelon is a cargo, it sunk october 5, 1917.Vessel size:- Length: 49m- Widt: 7.5mBottom is made of mud, visibility is often reduced.

    Le Naseau Corsica, France

    Big and interesting fishes in the deep.Take care the spot is at the entrance of the Ile-Rousse harbour.You may have current.

    Le Natal Marseille, France

    "Le Natal" was a liner (130m long) that sunk on 30 aug 1917 due to a collision into another liner "Le Malgache". At that very moment she was sailing under the cover of darkness (and without any light) to avoid been targeted by German U-Boots.This is an EXTREME Trimix dive, far away from the shore,…

    Le Peter Sif Iroise Ouessant, France

    Danish carco built in 1978. Sunk in 1979.

    Le phare de La Croix Paimpol, France

    Smal wall and boulders on the NW side.

    Le Point Zero Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck was found by mistake by Charles and Laurent during a night dive from Saint Yves.

    le Polynesien Valletta, Malta

    152m long lying in 65m of water. One of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the world! Still possible to access the interior of 1/3rd of the ship, with many interesting features, including guns still intact. The best marine life on the islands, unusual species spotted here, in fantastic visibility.

    Le ponton-grue Marseille, France

    This is a brge with cabin and caterpilar and no engine. The wreck is upside down.

    Le ProtÈe La Ciotat, France

    French Submarine "U-471" (92.30m long), launched in 1930. On June 25th, 1940 it reaches Alexandria, and was captured by the british Navy. In 1943 it is used by the allies, being based in Algiers (Algeria). On December 18th, 1943 it departed from Algiers, with a crew of 74 men, bound for Marseille.…

    Le PythÈas Vermilion Coast, France

    Dive from the end of the dig, near the right pipe. Dive to the south following the coastline. The PythÈas wreck is located at 11m deep.This old broken wreck sunk in octobre 1897. There is not much to see there but a lot nearby.

    Le Relax Cavalaire Sainte Maxime, France

    27m Boat, sunk on purpose during the 80s

    Le Ressel Le Ressel, France

    The Ressel is a very large underwater river. The entrance is 6m deep in the C?l? river. Water is often very clear, and you can make good pictures.See details of this underwater river at Plongeesout.com: http://www.plongeesout.com/sites/roussilon-pyrenees/lot/ressel.htm

    Le Robuste Cannes Antibes, France

    Le Rubis

    Le Rubis Cavalaire Sainte Maxime, France

    This submarine was a mine-layer, launched in 1931 for the Franch Navy. Length: 66m.After the war, it was sunk on purpose by the Navy in 1958, to serve as a sonar target.This is one of the most beautiful dives from the French Riviera. Ideal for a Nitrox 30 mix. When diving with air, do not stay more…

    Le Saint Dominique Marseille, France

    The Saint Dominique sunk june 16, 1897. It's a very nice wreck.Vessel size:- Length: 70m- Width: 10m

    Le Saint-Lucien Vermilion Coast, France

    The Saint-Lucien is a 80m French cargo, it was torpedoed in 1944 by the British submarine Unruly.Take care of the numerous nets on the wreck !

    Le Sarracen Iroise Ouessant, France

    English steam vessel, 115m long. Sunk december 26th, 1917 (mine bomb).

    Le Saumur Vermilion Coast, France

    The Saumur is a 108m cargo, build in Scotland in 1920. The deck and mast are well conservated. It was torpedoed 21st may, 1944 by the British submarine Upstart.

    Le Sec de l'Ile d'Or Saint Raphael, France

    A succession of rocky peaks and loaves of sugar more than 150 m apart and covering depths from 1m to 36m. Unable to go in one dive, this wonderful site full of discoveries. Groupers hidden in small caves, and conger eels in holes, benches immense sars and anthias and lobsters between the branches of…

    Le Sec des Suisses Saint Raphael, France

    A beautiful diving accessible to everyone and close to the Port.Although the rock is completely submerged, it is easily accessible because a ring was cemented on the top to ensure total anchor.Because of its scope, two dives are needed to make it completely around.Very rich in pelagic on its…

    Le sec du Jarron Marseille, France