Dive in the Mediterranean


    Sperrbrecher 134 Groix, France

    This ship were built in July 1909 in Bremen and was used as merchand ship untill the war begann in 1939. His role was to escort the U.boat and the ship at the entrance of the Lorient harbor. It was sunk by a british air-raid August 8th, 1944.

    SS Leopoldville Wreck Cherbourg, France

    On Christmas Eve 1944 the SS Leopoldville left Southampton carrying over 2000 American troops from the 66th Infantry Division, known as the Black Panthers, to support the Battle of the Bulge.Just 5 miles from the safety of Cherbourg she was struck by a torpedo fired from U-486 commanded by…

    St Georges (Montvalent) St Georges Montvalent, France

    Cave diving for advanced divers!A 700+m cave.More at PlongeeSout

    Stephen's reef Naxos, Greece

    Sterna Sterna, Greece

    Swimthrough reef Naxos, Greece

    Places of interest: Canyons, bluish swimthroughs, wide arches, lots of parrotfish, nunfish, corals, lobsters, moray eels, a British anchor is laying at 18m and parts of unidentified shipwrecks.

    Tarantini submarine Gironde coast, France

    During the Battle of the Atlantic, Italian submarine "Capitano Tarantini" (Liuzzi class) returning from North Atlantic patrol is torpedoed and sunk by the British submarine "HMS Thunderbolt" (Triton class) on december the 15th, 1940 in the Bay of Biscay.Technical data:- Dimensions: Length 76.1 m…

    Taravo island Corsica, France

    This is a great place for children dive and first dive experience. Calm and clear water, abundant sea life. Also good for snorkeling and night dives.

    Tete de Maure Corsica, France

    Big granitic cliff, canyon, gorgona...many fish.

    The Angelo Patagonian Les Sables Olonne, France

    The Angelo Patagonian was built in 1910 in England (Short Brothers Ltd, Sunderland). It was a 124m vessel, and was sunk by the UC-72 (german U-Boat submarine) july 11th, 1917.

    The Arch Zante Island, Greece

    Maybe the "Most Wanted" Dive Site! Combines everything: Deep Walls, Caves, Caverns, U/W Tunnel, plenty of fishes, and the highlight: A submerged Arc, starting at 12m, which is the "official" entrance to the Deep Sea!

    The Batavia Wreck Marseille, France

    This 109m long Italian liner sunk November 23, 1877. Its a very broken wreck.

    The Blue Cave Leucade Island, Greece

    The Cairnstrath wreck Noirmoutier, France

    This 85m long greman steamer was torpeadoed august 4th, 1917.

    The Californian wreck Pertuis Re Oleron, France

    This 126 m long american steamer cargo was build in 1900 by the Union Iron Works, San Francisco. It sunk in june 1918.This is a very long wreck, and you will need probably several dives to explore the entire wreck.

    The Christian Yann wreck Arcachon bay, France

    The Dome Pantieronisi, Greece


    The Foudroyant Wreck Dunkerque, France

    French Destroyer sunk during an air rade the 1st June 1940.Wreck size: 107,20m x 10,10m x 4,20m

    The France Wreck Morbihan gulf, France

    La France was a 165m long French cruiser and sunk august 26th, 1922 around 1 am after hurting a reef in La Teignouse strait.

    The France Wreck Annecy Lake, France

    This 47m long paddle wheel boat was lauched May 13, 1909. She sank March 13, 1971. This is a very nice wreck.Water temp: between 4?C and 7?C !!

    The Gapeau Wreck Bandol, France

    The wreck is approximately 25m long. The deepest part of the wreck is 71m (wheel ); the deck at 66m deep. This is a nice wreck, but very deep!

    The Georges AndrÈ wreck Arcachon bay, France

    The Golf 56 wreck Arcachon bay, France


    The groupers nest The groupers nest, Greece

    The north side of the reef is actually a complex of very big rocks that offer shelter to some very impressive groupers. It a dive for the more experienced divers since the depth reaches 40 meters. At the end of this complex a wall begins from about 35 meters deep giving the chance for a multilevel…

    The Laos Wreck Le Croisic - Portnichet, France

    The Laos was 135m long French steamer. It sunk february 8th 1907, broken into two parts. The wreck is broken but the pow still remains nice.

    The Laos wreck Le Croisic, France

    The Laos was built in Dunkerque in 1903. This 135m long steamer liner sunk february 9th, 1907 in the Four plateau.The best part of this wreck is the stern, and the two boilers in the poop.

    The little island The little island, Greece

    Very interesting dive at the southeast side of Makronisos island. Small depth and a big variety in underwater life make this dive ideal for underwater photographers. It also offers us some very nice night dives.

    The Mami Madi wreck Arcachon bay, France

    Approx 15m long wreck. Bad condition.

    The Marie-NoÎlle wreck Arcachon bay, France

    This wreck is located 150m north from the Saint Yves entrance. It is possible to reach the wreck from shore: Approx 15m following the rocks, then north-west when you are into the channel.

    The parking lot The parking lot, Greece

    A really strange dive since you are going to dive in an underwater parking lot with every kind of car parked in it. How they were found there??? Lets discover it togetherÖ

    The Perle wreck Arcachon bay, France

    Approx 15m long. Bad condition.

    The RenÈ HervÈ wreck Arcachon bay, France

    15m long wreck in bad condition

    The Rose-Virginie wreck Saint Raphael, France

    This old fishboat was sunk in 1989. It is a 15 x 4 meters wreck.

    The Sachsenwald wreck Noirmoutier, France

    This is a deep dive, for experienced diver only!This steamer Kriegsmarine vessel was sunk in august 1944. Take care! There is a 88mm canon at the bow, and several bombs on the floor...

    The Sequana wreck Yeu, France

    The Sequana was built in Belfast in 1898.This cargo left Dakar to Bordeaux with 665 pax.It was torpedoed june 8th 1917 at 2:00 AM by the UC-72 german U-Boat submarine. 207 people died.Vessel size:- Length: 132 m- Width: 16 m- Displacement: 12.000 tons

    The temple Kefallonia Island, Greece

    A great wall with excellent biodiversity and a huge cavern.

    Tiboulen du Frioul Marseille, France


    Timac Saint Malo, France

    Forbidden dive site since 22/12/92

    TÍte de la vache Bourget lake, France

    Small drop-off for low level divers. Sealife is interesting for first-dives in the lake.

    Trifels SS Wreck Dunkerque, France

    German cargo (6180 tons) built in 1921, 137 m long. Torpedoed 08/09/1941.